"Never Settle For Mediocrity"
Founded in 2017 by former Fortune 500 recruiter, Jessica French, Boutique Resumes is a personal branding agency dedicated to crafting winning resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

After years of recruiting for some of the nation's leading companies, Jessica now uses her insider knowledge on job searching and hiring to give job seekers an edge over other candidates. 


Over the years, Jessica has helped over 2,000 professionals refresh their personal branding material and land their dream careers at some of the nation's leading companies, including Verizon, UnitedHealth, Amazon, and Bank of America.  During her time in recruiting, Jessica worked the way up from Recruiter to Account Executive and then to Recruitment Manager, giving her in-depth knowledge of both the candidate and employer side of the house. Jessica was an entry-level hiring Program Manager, through which she taught workshops and spoke at universities across the nation on topics including interviewing skills and resume building.


Countless hiring managers have explicitly told Jessica what their ideal candidate looks like, both on paper and in person. She now uses this knowledge to craft bespoke personal branding material that is guaranteed to get you noticed. Having used both LinkedIn Recruiter and applicant tracking systems (ATS) daily, her professionally rebranded resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles are designed to get past those pesky automated screening and filtering systems.


Through Boutique Resumes, Jessica now works closely with a range of clients, from bankers to IT consultants, to give them the tools needed to achieve their career goals.


At Boutique Resumes - Our motto is “Never Settle for Mediocrity”… and we think you shouldn’t either. Come partner with us to give your personal branding material the creative kick it needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


David, CMO

Jessica exceeded my expectations. She was super easy to work with and communicated very well.

I highly recommend hiring and getting on her calendar ASAP!

Greg, Software Developper

Highly recommend Jessica, a subject matter expert on what she is doing.

Melissa, Director Of Sales

Jessica was able to extract a whole 20+ year career into 2 pages highlighting what really stands out in a very smooth and natural way. Highly recommend the work both for the CV as also for the cover letter.

Need more details? We are here to elevate your personal brand!

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